Our goal is to define precisely and to fulfill as fast as possible the goals of our clients. In order to achieve this the association offers its customers, both Bulgarian and foreign individuals and corporations, the following services:

  • Incorporation and registration of companies, inscription of alterations, transformations, general assemblies, all kinds of company papers
  • Legal defense and cooperation in liquidation and insolvency procedures
  • Consulting at solving labor claims, court representation in labor trials
  • Consultancy and representation in the domain of administrative law; elaboration of all kinds of documents for administrative court proceedings; representation before the administrative authorities for the issuance of individual administrative acts; administrative or court appeal of individual administrative acts or against the refusal to issue such acts; appeal of criminal sentences; elaboration of all kinds of contracts, notary deed projects, agreements, annexes, powers of attorney and other papers for the needs of the civil life and trade.
  • Preparation and complete servicing of notarial deals and notarial procedures as a whole
  • Representation before the patent authorities in Bulgaria when registering brands and industrial designs, representation before the competent state authorities and courts in cases related to protection of industrial and intellectual property
  • Elaboration and registration of collaterals and warranties under commercial contracts and mortgages
  • Elaboration of legal analyses, economical projects and legal opinions
  • Negotiations
  • Representation in court and arbitrage cases, elaboration of claims and appeals, representation during trials and arbitrage procedures
In the last years European legislation has an even stronger influence over national law. That is why we are always trying to offer consultancy complying with the EU legislation in vigor for the respective case.

The main effort of our team is to achieve a positive result, corresponding as fully as possible to the wishes of our customers. Our goal is to spare for our clients time and money, usually spent in court procedures and state taxes, by exhausting beforehand all possible procedures for alternative dispute resolution and debt collection. Three of the members of our team are mediators with an extensive experience in ADR.

In most cases our efficiency has to do with the volume of information given by the client as per the Law on Legal Profession. All legal papers, as well as the communication with our clients, are completely immune. We shall keep confidential all the information in the cases we are working on.

One of our basic rules is to keep our clients well informed about the case at hand. That is why the feedback is so important in our work and we always inform extensively the client about the development of the case. We are strictly accounting for all the expenses and we report them timely according to the agreement we have reached with the customer.

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